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The Youth Ambassadors Singida (YAS) is a Non Government Organization. YAS was established on January 2007 and got registration on 10th­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ August 2011 .The organization offices is located at Boma road, in Singida municipally. The organization is managed by 20 youth in which 11 are men’s and 9 are women’s with commitment to help,

YAS Member- Dodoma Seminar

Youth and ICT

Youth building their capacity through  ICT learning, practically at IAMBIMAWE Wireless Internet.

Environmental Conservation

Environment, safe water sanitation and hygiene.

Youth Ambassadors Leaders & Members

A photograph taken in February 2012 at Singida Community Centre after a Workshop Conducted for the Training of  Staff  Members and  Leaders.

Kids and Sport

YAS provide awareness on how to decrease new infections of HIV/AIDs to Maternal, newborns and the important of pregnant mother to attent Mother and Child Health(MCH) clinic early for Health check up which include HIV/AIDs and STIs ........

Maternal And New Born

News and Events

YAS Staffs visiting Community Centre Singida  and playing with Kids.

Improve the Health of Maternal and

Newborn .

Seminar Leadership, Jan-March 2012

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